1 to 1 Liquor to Water Rule Keep Safe and Sober

When Drinking Alcohol make sure you are drinking water through out a night.

When Drinking Alcohol make sure you are drinking water through out a night.

There is an easy way to make sure that you keep safe and do not get too drunk during the Weekends, Holidays, or any other special occasions. It is an easy fix, just for one drink of liquor, beer, shot, or glass of wine have one glass of water.

It takes about 10 to 30 minutes to alcohol to hit the system and some people will drink multiple drinks in a 10 to 30 minute time period not realizing it takes a little while for the alcohol to hit the blood stream. With water you are first slowing down your drinking and you are adding more hydration to the body which is essential for depressing hangovers, upset stomachs, and we forbid alcohol poisoning.

Drinking a glass of water after ever alcoholic beverage can also keep your wallet full. By drinking a glass of water after every drink you are filling your stomach which means you will drink less by default so you are essentially cutting your consumption by half which means you are also cutting your cost in half.

Drinking water can also elongate your buzz but keep you from getting too drunk. this mean you are getting your effect without going to far over board since most people do not like a over board drunk.

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  1. Not more than twenty percent of total sales of B-1 permit holders may be made to non-permit holders for home use during the immediate previous three months. The liquor control commission may suspend or revoke such permit for a violation of this rule. Each holder of a B-1 permit shall maintain such records as necessary for a period of one year for inspection upon demand by the division of liquor control to verify compliance with this rule.

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